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1.Оставил сообщение: A friend of Russia
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unfortunately I can not read nor write a word in your language (I do not even know where my comment will appear.)

I have not explored your site yet--but what I see looks great. As for Alyssa: she is an extraordinarily beautiful girl; I very much like the scans you present.

I found your site in a link on a US-American site, "", which has comment-pages as well. Maybe some of you would like to post there, too? In that forum, non-Americans sometimes get flamed, especially when not on the G.W.Bush-line or belonging to the anti-Iraq-war-countries...

Sorry for so many words in a language that is not even mine. And thank you, Mr. Gorbachov for 1989.

The very best wishes from former W-Germany.
And for the webmaster: go on with your good work!
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Если вы не бот, введите правильно код с картинки ;)